Travel in Alaska: Current Trebds

Trips to Alaska: Current Trends

The New York Times reports,
The No. 1 domestic vacation is an Alaskan cruise”.

A stellar forecast has travelers set for abundant outdoor activities and sightseeing. ! Anchorage is a wonderful destination for a B&B getaway and sight-sessing - this year is espeically delightful! (And we have been warmer than many areas of the lower 48 all season…)

Alaska offers the promise of memorable travels and sight seeing... followed by our Cottonwood hospitality... come celebrate life! Make your plans for vacation (and business travel) now. We are open Fall and Winter, Spring and Sunner — great seasons for sight-seeing and enjoyment.

Have plans for travel in Alaska? Stay with us!

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We talk about it every year and never tire of it! The dog sled race - The Iditarod - is soon to take place! Visit their website for up to the minute news, but not before you make your reserverations at Alaska Cottonwood B&B!

The Iditarod honors part of Alaska’s history, when serum was run to Nome when diptheria was epidemic. For a marvelous book about the 1925 event, pick up a copy of The Cruelest Miles. You may not be able to put this one down.

Anchorage has plenty of activities going on during arnd around Iditarod. When you maye your reservation with us, ask about options.

The Last Great Race

It is time for the Iditarod, known as the Last Great Race. You can follow events at the News Center and now, the Iditarod even features Apps! For a follower’s view, try the blog called Eyes on the Trail.

Staying in Anchorage before heading north? Consider the Alaska Cottonwood B&B for easy, caring accommodations. We’d love to have your company during Fur Rondy, too! This Winter Festival leads up to the Iditarod with events and reasons for celebration. Play downtown, then come home for a good night’s rest in a quiet, safe B&B. Check our calendar and make your reservations.